Drake: Botschafter der Toronto Raptors

Drake spielt die Hauptrolle einem neuen Imagevideo des NBA Teams Toronto Raptors. Darin spricht er über seine Liebe zur kanadischen Stadt: 

"In everything I do, I try and channel the city. I always feel like an album is finished when it sounds like Toronto. I love the city more than anything in the world."

Er erklärt auch warum er sich als Global Ambassador (=Botschafter) für die Raptors engagiert:

"It's a franchise that I'm so excited to be involved in, because it is a staple in my childhood.  [...] In college sports it [basketball] is a religion. [...] It's much like soccer overseas. It becomes something to live by, something to die by. They're so passionate about it and I want to bring that energy here. You talk about being an unstoppable force. [...] I want other teams to hate coming to play the Raptors."


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