Three 6 Mafia - Laws Of Power

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1."It's In Me" 2."Unstoppable" 3."Unstoppable Pt. 2" 4."Skit #1" 5."Deep In The Hood" 6."Nothin's For Free" 7."Skit #2" 8."Hell of a Drug" 9."Go N Kill" 10."Old Heads" 11."Trunk Got Wang" 12."Let's Get High" 13."Wildin'" 14."Purple Kush" 15. "Bar Juice" 16."Skit #3" 17."You Da Police" 18."Pop a Pill" 19."Lil Freak (Ugh, Ugh, Ugh)" 20."Gotta Go to Work" 21."Outro" 22."Shots After Shots" 23."Feel It" 24."Shake My" 25."Late Night Automatic"