Rick Ross: Der "Mafia Music III"-Beat war ursprünglich für "Detox" gedacht

Gestern schrieb Rick Ross auf Twitter, dass der Beat seines Songs Mafia Music III eigentlich für Dr. Dres Album Detox gedacht war.

Doch dann soll Dr. Dre ihm den Beat während einer gemeinsamen Session zu Mastermind zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

Erst im Februar äußerte sich der Produzent Bink bei hiphopdx.com zu den gemeinsamen Arbeiten von Rick Ross und Dr. Dre:

"I did the record for Dr. Dre, for Detox," sagte er. 

"Dr. Dre hired Ross to write his verse for him. So Ross wrote a verse for him and a verse for himself, and then he was supposed to put Rihanna on the hook. But, you know, Dre never revisited the record, and then Ross came back about a month and a half ago and wanted the record for himself. So I had to ask the good doctor for clearance. I actually made it with Dre. I was in Vegas with Dre working on it at the time. They brought Ross in later. Actually, Khaled called me. He was just ranting and raving about Ross's verse - his exact words were 'Ross caught the Holy Spirit'. He kept saying that Ross had caught the Holy Ghost. 'We gotta have that, we gotta have that.' So I was like, you know, 'I gotta call up big homie and see if he'll let it go,' 'cause I knew he was back in Detox mode again. I didn't know if he was gonna hold onto it or not this time around."

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