Neues Tupac Amaru Shakur Tribute Doppel-Album
Thug Life Army Records veröffentlicht In The Shadow Of An Icon , eine Sammlung diverser Westcoast Künstler. Der Sampler enthält nicht etwa musikalisches Gut 2Pacs , sondern ist eine Hommage an den verstorbene Künstler.
Die beigesteuerten Tracks reichen von  AllFrumTha I über die Road Dawgs und Celly Cel .

"This CD contains music by some of the artists who grew out of the shadow of the fallen street souljah and teacher, TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR, and who have love for the man himself and what he stood for. [...]
Our hope is this project will bring light to those artists who have participated out of love for TUPAC and what they learned from his lyrics. Hip Hop is not dead as many people believe. The people are just not looking in the right places."

Die Trackliste findet ihr hier: CD I
1.) Boo Kapone - KNOWLEDGE
2.) Concrete Souljahs - Walk wit me
3.) allfrumtha i - Everywhere I Go (good and evil)
4.) SUPe - The System
5.) Hustle Creed - We Live and We Die
6.) Purple Lounge "H.O.P.E"
7.) Nolan - PEOPLE
8.) 1223 - Wish I Knew
9.) Jasiri X and Franchise - 2 Pacs More
       Producer: Paradise Gray (X Clan) and GM3
10.) Page 1 - Fallen
11.) Ebony Burks - Choice
12.) G Luv - Revelation
13.) FAME - Next 2 Kin
14.) U.N.D feat. Teeka - Understand
15.) binky mack - Conflict Of Interest         CD II
1.) Kemo the Blaxican - Breathe
2.) Celly Cel - No Tomorrow
3.) Dolo - So Much Drama
4.) Qwiccshott - Never
5.) Sammy B feat Big Dee - No Half Steppin
6.) 3RDegree - Broken Home
7.) allfrumtha i - Me & My Dawg
8.) K - Loron - Speed of Life
9.) Concrete Souljahs - Related to the Undergroud
10.) Tommy Danger - Run for Cover
12.) binky mack - Taken Over
13.) Malign20 - Hopes and Dreams
14.) Queen Josie - Young Men of Today (Spoken Word)