Memphis Bleek legt ein "Geständnis" ab

Wie berichtet, hat Memphis Bleek eine Art Geständnis abgelegt.

In einem Interview mit VladTV sprach er unter anderem über seine persönliche Beziehung zu seinem langjährigen Freund Jay Z. Er sagte, ihre Beziehung könnte man mit der von Brüdern vergleichen. Jay sei für ihn immer wie ein großer Bruder oder ein Onkel gewesen. So sei es auch dazu gekommen, dass er einen Feature-Platz auf Jays Album Reasonable Doubt bekommen habe.

Jay is like—You would say an older brother,” 

“Like an uncle to me. Like that. Say he come through the projects or whatever and I’m in the building hustling, Jay the type of dude like ‘Yo, let me see what you got. You ain’t got nothing.’ Show ‘em the work. He’ll throw your shit away. Like ‘Yo, you better get out of here. I’mma tell your moms you hustling.’ He was the older dude that didn’t want that for us. You know what I’m saying? So, as far as relationships we didn’t hangout. I didn’t go to The Roxy with them or nothing like that back then. It was just like older brother, little brother relationship. And then like once I told him I knew how to rhyme it was just all she wrote from there. It was like ‘Why not help the little guy from my building?’”

Er erzählte weiter, dass der Part den er auf dem Track Coming Of Age rappte nicht vom ihm selbst, sondern von Jay Z geschrieben wurde. Im Interview machte er kein großes Geheims daraus, dass der Part nicht von ihm stammt. Er sei erst 14 oder 15 Jahre alt gewesen und noch nicht in der Lage gewesen etwas derartiges selbst zu schreiben.

“No, he wrote it,”

“He had it already written. That’s all Jay’s plan. Remember—Come on, I was 14, 15-years-old. You think [that] was my vision then? Yeah, I just read it and spit it myself. I don’t need a demo version. Come on, this is not ballet dancing. I know how to rhyme. All you gotta do is tell me what to say I’mma say it. So, that’s what it was. It just, you know, like I said it’s his album. It’s his record. He wanted it his way. And at the end of the day after that song went off I still had to do my thing.”