Cypress Hill: B-Real verrät Details zum neuen Album

In einem Interview mit Revolt äußerte sich Cypress Hill-Member B-Real zum neuen Album der Gruppe. Demnach soll DJ Muggs an dem Projekt mitwirken.

Dazu sagte er: "It's been a while since we've worked with Muggs on the production end... this is gonna be a really good one. It's been a different process for us, but it's gonna be slammin." 

Laut Revolt fand die letzte Zusammenarbeit mit Muggs für das Album Till Death Do Us Part im Jahr 2004 statt.

2013 sagte DJ Muggs in einem Statement: "We're in the beginning stages, but moving along smoothly. The sound is anti-everything that's popular and is in a world of its own. The lyrics delivered with the vocal tenacity of a stoned gypsy roaming across the country through the mist. The date of the release is encrypted on the Cypress Hill website."

"It's great to have DJ Muggs back at the helm of the production," sagte B-Real dazu. "When Muggs, Sen and I work together there's a chemistry between us that brings forth powerful music. It's going to be ill, man. He's got fire and a lot of people have been waiting for us to reunite like that, so we're all looking forward to it."

Wann das Album erscheinen wird, ist noch unbekannt. Wir sind gespannt auf die Ergebnisse der Zusammenkunft.