Young Buck über G-Unit-Reunion, "Bricktape" und seine Wunsch-Features (Interview)

DJ Whoo Kid rief kürzlich Young Buck an und führte mit ihm ein Telefoninterview.

Unter anderem sprach Young Buck über die Gerüchte zu einer möglichen G-Unit-Reunion:

"This is not a G-Unit reunion! This is not me signing with G-Unit or nothing like that, it's just a real situation. Real dudes just doing real things. I haven't even spoke with 50 in years.

Like I say man, I wish them all the best, you know what I'm saying. I don't got no ill will with me, or none of that shit with me. I was taught from the very beginning, you can forgive but don't forget.

So, any individual that had any kind of negativity that came with them or done anything dealing with Buck that was taken as a negative way, I forgive them but I don't forget!"

Außerdem würde er gerne mit Dr. Dre und Eminem zusammen ins Studio gehen:

"I've always thought of calling Dre and thought of calling Em, but let me tell you something, man: these guys are at the top of the muthafu*kin’ food chain and I'm at the bottom of the food chain, especially in prison.

Keeping in touch with these dudes is damn-near impossible when you out of prison, in the streets. Dre to me is the best producer in the world and Eminem to me is one of the best lyricists that's ever done this sh*t.

I got the upmost respect for both of those dudes and even today I'm open to have a conversation with either one of them. I definitely want to speak with Dre…I have a lot of respect for him. He's been there for me throughout my situation, as far as the bullsh*t. When it went down, he showed me everything was a hundred, like a boss do."

Auch für Kendrick Lamar hatte Young Buck nur nette Worte übrig:

"I listened to Kendrick Lamar's album daily in the penitentiary. I'm a fan of Kendrick Lamar. I think he's a real dude. I think he's bringing that real sh*t to the game for us, from a lyrical side.

He's not just focused on one type of thing, you know, Kendrick will bounce from here, and bounce from there and bounce over here, but at the same time remain being who Kendrick is.

That's what you don't get out of a lot of artists. A lot of artists that want to be this, or be that, nah, Kendrick is being himself and he a real ni*ga."

Über seine musikalischen Pläne in der nächsten Zeit sagte Young Buck:

"I'm basically putting together a quick mixtape. I don't even call my sh*t mixtapes. I'm calling the project that I'm doing with all these different remixes on all these dudes sh*t the Bricktape.

And I'm going to release it here within the next couple weeks. So if you missed out on whatever remixes, or you ain't catching the remixes that I got out there, you'll be able to go and download the Bricktape real quick."


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