Raekwon über "Fly International Luxurious Art" und Kollaboration mit Akon (Interview)

Im Interview mit xxlmag.com sprach Raekwon unter anderem über sein kommendes Album Fly International Luxurious Art und verriet die Idee hinter seinem neuen Projekt:

"I have nothing to prove no more.I did it, I did everything I was supposed to do. Now I want to make an album where everybody can get a piece of it, from the dorky kid who sits up at the camp, to the female that wants to dance and go party, to the underground kid who doesn’t really care about the party; I wanted to get that kind of ingredients for this album this time, make it more stadium, bigger."

Weiter hieß es:

"Sometimes as an artist we get put in one box all the time: as an underground rapper, or he doesn’t make this kind of music. So this album is more lifestyle. It’s more me paying attention to where I’m at in my career, dealing with the politics. And it’s also me going to the next level of my career as far as being an artist that makes music. It’s one thing to make hip-hop, and it’s another thing to make music, and I think this album is allowing me to open that doorway to that kind of success."

Auch zu seiner Kollaboration mit Akon äußerte sich der Wu-Tang Clan-Member:

"It’s me being fly and giving you an international spread of music that could relate everywhere. I have a record with Akon that I think is gonna wake up the masses. There’s something I’m gonna do with that record that is gonna reflect on something that I never did before in my career with the music."

Ein genaues Veröffentlichungsdatum für Raekwons neues Album gibt es bisher nicht.