Ihre aktuelle Single ''Turn Da Lights Off'' gib's als freedownload [inkl. Instrumental, Acappella] !!

Genauso wie 2 Remixe des Songs mit Styles P und 50 Cent.

Außerdem könnt ihr euch den Clubbanger ''We Don't Need No Water'' ,der auf dem neuen Album erscheinen wird, runterladen!!

Natürlich gib's dort auch Snippets zu weiteren Tracks z.B. das von Timbaland produzierte ''Steer''.

Wo? Hier!


Ich hoffe, dass es hier genau so sein wird, wie beim Debut:
Scheiß Singles, dafür geiles Album.

Zitat von Schneemann:
guter thread cool das du beschied gesagt hast daumen hoch und push

du bistn cooler

Ich hab den auch in größer... :B|:

Zitat von Schneemann:
geiler konter respekt aber ich zeig dir mal was bei mir größer is baby

warum hab ich nur das gefühl, dass sie es nicht sehen will?:D :wink:

ich mag tweet nicht und 50 ist schwul!
kann mir nicht vorstellen das die single allzu tight ist, aber die alben sind dafür immer ganz aight! :wink:

It's Me Again

Von Vibe bekam sie 4 Sterne für das kommende Album!

Sie verriet unter anderem auch das auf dem Album ein Duett mit ihrer 15-jährigen Tochter erscheinen soll ("Two of Us")

Hier noch ein ein Vorgeschmack auf's Album: Tweet - Could it be

Den ganzen Artikel gib's hier:

There's a layer of pain- sometimes thick, sometimes thin- that can be heard in the voices of those who sing the blues. And Tweet damn sure knows the blues. Her 2002 certified-gold debut, Southern Hummingbird, found her crooning about self-stimulation, inebriation, and cigarettes smoked in sorrow. But this go-around, she's gained new hope and the understanding that love happens, ends, and starts again. Built on her signature melancholy foundation, Tweet's inspiring sophomore reintroduction, It's Me Again, is stacked solid with songs that chronicle her ongoing struggles through love's many stages.

The sexy, spirited lead single, "Turn da Lights Off," featuring Missy Elliott (who produced much of the album and makes a few too many unnecessary shout-outs), creates an old vinyl soul-meets-hip hop sound, with cleverly looped and scratched production by Kwame. Though Tweet's hit singles thus far have been mainstream, mid-tempo dance tracks, the club-friendly "We Don't Need No Water" is a reminder that she's truly herself- and at her best- singing a sad love song, not chanting alongside Missy in the club. But love will make you do strange things.

Luckily, Tweet spends plenty of time in the shoes that suit her best, for example, aching over the shortcomings of sweet devotion, on the slow, stinging "Iceberg." Backed by guitar and piano, Tweet explains that her "heart is melting like the winter snow" on the spare, hesitant "Where Do We Go From Here," where she takes a deep breath and faces a simple question that often has complex answers.

Tweet seems completely free of uncertainty, however, as she basks in the blessing of unconditional love on the heartwarming duet "Two of Us," featuring her 15-year-old daughter, Tashawna, who sounds just like her mommy. In touch with her countrified-soul side, Tweet aims to even the odds with the lively, hand-clapping hoedown "Sports, Sex, and Food." Through a playful yet regrettably realistic chorus, Tweet offers a foolproof How to Get a Man guide: "Gather 'round girls, listen closer / Know about football, basketball, too / Know all the players, know all the rules... / Hook up a meal, learn a new move / The way to his heart is sports, sex, and food."

Even when there's a regained belief in it, though, love is always a risk. But a stronger, tougher Tweet has finally gotten over being the victim on "Small Change," and now the person who hurt her is trying to get back in her good graces. "You must be sorta deranged / And your worth is less than small change," she cried out on the chorus, her alto sounding beautifully infuriated over finger-snaps and sparse instrumentals. Using horns and beats to create the impression that Tweet is walking down a busy city street, pissed off, "You" offers more of Tweet's hard-line stance on love. Next, she hails a song called "Taxi," a lovely ballad inspired by the theme music from the 1970's show of the same name, in which she's tired of it all and in need of some physical comfort. She sings a soft and sultry song, in a cab, on her way to get some.

Finally, Tweet takes full flight on the bluesy testimonial "I'm Done," where she liberates herself from love in and of itself. In an industry where most singers seem satisfied to scratch the surface, Tweet delves deep and keeps on digging. She's finally reached a layer of hard-earned healing on It's Me Again, making it well worth the wait, and the troubles.

Tweet's new album It's Me Again in stores March 22, 2005


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