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Today (August 17th, 2012) is the official release day of the Stockholm based, producer duo Moonsplash's new album, Swagger Splash.

The album will be available on Spotify and iTunes, as well a limited CD release. The 26 track album is featuring a broad variety of artist from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Sweden. On Swagger Splash you’ll find artists like Craig G, Harry Shotta, Maylay Sparks, J.Sands of Lone Catalysts and Emilio Lopez.

Moonsplash has previously worked with well known Swedish MC’s, such as Crome, Parham, Ismen and Hamish.As the world is getting more global, the duo took the help of social media outlets such as Facebook, MySpace and Youtube, to not only get in touch with the artist starring the album, but also to make Swagger Splash as globally appealing as possible, adapting each artist’s track after their demands.

01. Fraction – Extra Science
02. Craig G – Sacrifices
03. Hurstland Mafia ft. Nugget the Phantom – Money With Me
04. Emilio Lopez – Stay Sane
05. Skryptcha – Round & Round
06. Wizdom Mriminthere – Apollo 420
07. Ian Sensi – Revival
08. Pluralis – Frustrated
09. Evila ft. Craig Daze – Stop the Hate
10. AeyOne – My Reality
11. Simon Sez – Powetry
12. Shinobi Stalin – One, Two, Three
13. Mo Blak – Get Back Up
14. Trainspotters ft. Eboi & That Dude Prince – Navigate (Remix)
15. Emilio Lopez – Chillin On an Island
16. Maylay Sparks ft. Classbandit & Simon Sez – How to Kill an Obstical
17. Nugget the Phantom ft. Seo Skye – Good Life
18. Arion – Witch Hunt
19. Harry Shotta – Mischievous (Remaster)
20. J. Sands ft. Madness – Sometimes, Somethings
21. D.T – Dedication
22. Joey Barbieri – Never That
23. Mark Deez – Moon Assault
24. Superstar – Time Travel
25. Double Vision – Clarity
26. Ian Sensi & Simon Sez – Free

Simon Sez - Powetry [video]

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