Production by: Moonsplash.
Recorded, Mixed and mastered at Moonsplash Studios.

Uppsala (Sweden) native rapper, Simon Sez and Stockholm producers Moonsplash are now releasing the video to the new single "Powetry".

The song (also available on Spotify and iTunes) is one of 26 hip hop tracks from Moonsplash's upcoming double album "Swagger Splash", available August 16th, 2012. The double album features a broad representation of various countries. Moonsplash lines up an impressive roster from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Sweden. This resulted in; Craig G, Harry Shotta, J.Sands of Lone Catalysts, Maylay Sparks, Emilio Lopez, och Trainspotters, among others blessing the album. Simon Sez who released his own mixtape "SB Original" in late 2011, is besides "powetry" also featured on two other tracks on Swagger Splash.

This is Simon Sez's own words about the song Powetry:"Powetry is a short for Powerful Poetry. The song, the brand, the life. The song is basically a metaphorically written track about not letting your emotions and inner demons drag you down. How to stay positive in a negative world and surrounding, even though it sometimes feels that you can't handle it. Heartfelt and true. It's powerful poetry. Powetry."

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