ZAFO - Issa Money Luv (prod. Elias X, Phil Tyler, Mosenu & Juro)

"Zafo" is a german-based rapper & songwriter with turkish roots. Being raised by his family who inspired him with all different types of music, you can definitely hear various influences in his art. Since his childhood he grew up with melodies from Turkey, Germany and especially the US. Music has been his bestfriend and savior in life, especially on difficult times in his life, the music always accompanied him and made him strong. Thanks to Hip-Hop, he learned and improved his English skills a lot at a very young age so it wasn't long before he tried himself on the mic. That's why he always wants to get the maximum out of his own Style and Lyrics. Project "Struggle 'N Flow" is his debut EP which is his first steps as a respected artist in his circle. After many shows as a pre-act he developed strongly and now pays more attention to his tech*****. In addition to the music, he relies a lot on his presence, he also appreciates fashion or dancing and everything to do with the Hip-Hop Culture. It is important to him that he represents exactly what all the big names have done before him for the scene, and he is optimistic that one day he will do as much as his Idols. He is living his dream and works every day to secure his family and himself financially. "Zafo" is definitely a young and talented artist you should keep an eye on in the future.


vielen lieben dank für die riesen chance mich als künstler so wie meine kunst an sich zu präsentieren. das ist nicht selbstverständlich, ich bedanke mich herzlich für diese plattform und es bedeutet mir mega viel denn ich sehe das als eine gute gelegenheit. bleibt gesund und keep it real!

much luv n respect, zafo.



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