T-Pain - OBLiViON


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Pressetext / Beschreibung


1. "Who Died" (Prod. by Dre Moon & Tommy "Tbhits" Brown)
2. "Classic You" Feat. Chris Brown (Prod. by T-Pain and Floyd "A1" Bentley)
3. "Straight" (Prod. by Dre Moon)
4. "That's How It Go" (Prod. by Allstar)
5. "No Rush" (Prod. by ISM & Floyd "A1" Bentley)
6. "Pu$$y On The Phone" (Prod. by Dre Moon)
7. "Textin' My Ex" Feat. Tiffany Evans (Prod. by Dre Moon)
8. "May I" Feat. Mr. Talkbox (Prod. by T-Pain)
9. "I Told My Girl" Feat. Manny G (Prod. by Dre Moon, Xplosive, & Abaz)
10. "She Needed Me" (Prod. by T-Pain)
11. "Your Friend" (Prod. by Dre Moon, Tommy "Tbhits" Brown, & Mr. Franks)
12. "CeeCee from DC" Feat. Wale (Prod. by Major Seven)
13. "Goal Line" Feat. Blac Youngsta (Prod. by Dre Moon)
14. "2Fine" Feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Prod. by Dre Moon)
15. "That Comeback" Feat. Ne-Yo (Prod. by T-Pain)
16. "Second Chance (Don't Back Down)" Feat. Roberto Cacciapaglia (Prod. by T-Pain)