Ras Kass - The Quarterly

The Quarterly


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22 Nov 2009

Pressetext / Beschreibung

1. Mike Jack
2. Amazin (feat. Neenah) [Prod. by Veterano]
3. A Game (feat. E-Note) [Prod. by Da Riffs]
4. Pop Life (feat. Aaron G West) [Prod. by AGW]
5. Started Sumthin (feat. Krondon (of Strong Arm Steady) & Maria)
[Prod. by Sir Jinx]
6. If This World Was Mine (feat. Doo Wop) [Prod. by Pete Rock]
7. Thank You By Ras Kass [Prod. by Sincere]
8. Armored Truck (feat. Remedy (of Stupid Americans)) [Prod. by Sincere]
9. Milli Vanilli (feat. Killah Priest) [Prod. by Veterano]
10. The Reconciliation (feat. Phil Johnson) [Prod. by Thayod Ausar]
11. LA Is My Lady (feat. Stacee Adams) [Prod. by Veterano]
12. Silver Surfer Swagger (feat. Mistah F.A.B. & Pinky) [Prod. by Thayod Ausar]
13. Since U Been Gone (feat. Tracy Rhey) [Prod. by Tha Bizness]
14. Almost Famous [Prod. by Thayod Ausar]
15. Gotten By On My Own - Livn Proof (feat. Ras Kass) [Prod. by Level 13]
16. Take That Off (feat. Ray J) [Prod. by Da Rebel Group]
17. How Many Shots - Remedy (of Stupid Americans) (feat. Ras Kass)
[Prod. by DJ Wolfgang Gartner]
18. Silver Surfer Swagger (feat. Sinful a.k.a. El Pecador) [Prod. by Thayod Ausar]

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