Neues 2Pac-Interview aufgetaucht: "I have no friends, I have no resting place"

In einem laut unveröffentlichten Interview mit Benjamin Svetkey von Entertainment Weekly sprach 2Pac unter anderem darüber, dass er in zehn Jahren, also 2004, entweder tot oder reich sein würde:

"Best case, in a cemetery. Not in a cemetery. Sprinkled in ashes smoked by my homies. I mean, that's the worse case. Best case. Multimillionaire owning all this sh*t. Because anywhere else if I was white, I would have been like John Wayne. Somebody who pulled himself up from they bootstraps. From poverty, from welfare, now I'm kissing Janet Jackson, I'm doing movies. I feel like a tragic hero in a Shakespeare play."

Darüber hinaus gab er zu, nicht gebildet oder besonders religiös zu sein, aber trotzdem hätte Gott einen Plan für ihn:

"I'm not really that educated and I'm not really a religious person, but I believe God wants me to do something and it has to do with Thug Life. I want there to be a life for the street element instead of we always getting shut out. Instead of defenseless, having power."

Auch über seine Mutter Afeni Shakur und die Black Panthers sprach 2Pac:

"My mother was a woman. A black woman, single mother, raising 2 kids on her own. She was dark skinned, had short hair, never got no love from nobody except for a group called The Black Panthers. So, that's why she was a Black Panther. I don't consider myself to be straight militant. I'm a thug and my definition of thug comes from having a street element and having the Panthers element. Self-determination and we want to do it by self-defense, by any means necessary. And that came from my family. That's what Thug Life is. It's a mixture."

Er fühlte sich zudem isoliert von der Welt und sprach davon, dass er keine Freunde hätte, nicht schlafen könne und sein Leben die Hölle sei:

"They believe in the machine and not Tupac anymore. They don't even know know me no more. They just know about the machine. Everybody wants to use me, everybody. From this level to the street level. I'm used on every level. I have no friends, I have no resting place, I never sleep. I can never close my eyes. It's horrible. Can you imagine what it's like for you to be who I am, who I was? For them to say that I raped a woman. And for the whole world to actually be entertaining the thought that you raped a woman. That's hell."

Zuletzt ging es um sein Verhältnis zur Presse:

"I am being ripped off because I never lied to the press. Just as much truth I bring to my work. A journalist should bring that much truth to their work. Why do I have honor and you guys don't have honor? I'm not a f*cking journalist, I'm a thug. There's a machine that I have nothing to do with. It's called the Tupac machine. And the media in this country have just feuded and made me a monster. They say I'm a criminal. They say I spit vicious, hateful, violent lyrics. It's like, I'm ready to be the bad guy. They gave me that job, I'm ready to have it."

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