Mac Miller über Alkohol, Beten und Text-Blackouts

Im Interview mit sprach Mac Miller über viele verschiedene Themen. Unter anderem versicherte er, dass Alkohol für ihn vor einem Konzert tabu wäre:

"I used to never drink before shows. There was this one time I took this huge bong rip before a show, right? I ran out on stage. It was a song where the beat drops the first line and I'm supposed to rap it. I came out and I fucked it all up. So, I stopped getting fucked up before shows. But, on this last tour, I realized how fun being drunk on stage was."

Außerdem erzählte Mac Miller, dass das Beten vor einem Konzert eines seiner wichtigsten Rituale sei:

"The prayer is probably the most important thing we do because thats when it really starts. We're in a circle and there's people of all denominations and such, You're kind of praying to yourself. That's at least what I believe, is that God exists within you. But, that's really what the prayer before the stage is."

Auf die Frage, warum viele Rapper teilweise ihre Texte auf der Bühne vergessen würden, hatte er auch eine Antwort:

"People always say, 'I saw this [artists]. How could they forget their words? If my mind is currently on current music that I'm making, you expect me to remember every word from a song I made four years ago? It's not always that I forget the words, it's that one fuck up could mess up the whole feel."


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