Justin Timberlake bestätigt "Sinatra in the Sands" mit Nas, Jay Z und Timbaland


Wie hiphopdx.com berichtet, bestätigt Justin Timberlake in einem Radiointerview mit Angie Martinez die Gerüchte um einen gemeinsamen Track mit Timbaland , Jay Z , Nas und ihm. Der in der Hook ähnlich wie Frank Sinatra klingende Song soll den Namen Sinatra in the Sands tragen. " It's funny how all this music came about is we were just in the studio at Jungle City, and all of this music just came out of that ", erklärt Justin im Interview. " Originally, I think, it was something Tim and I, obviously Tim did the beat and I wrote the hook, where....sort of in the style of Frank Sinatra , and I didn't know Jay was gonna be on it ", fuhr er fort.  Bisher habe Justin Timberlake den fertigen Song noch nicht gehört:

" I haven't heard it done. I've only heard what Tim and I did on it. I haven't heard any verses or anything. It's a mid. It gives you a feeling of this easy-going...I dunno. I don't want to say too much about it because I haven't heard the end of it, and Tim has been known to...go back and, 'Oh, I flipped the beat.' " Bereits im Juli sprach Timbaland in einem Interview mit Revolt TV über Sinatra in the Sands .

" Nas got a song right now with him, Jay , and Justin . It's completely stupid. It's called Sinatra In The Sands and Justin sounds like Frank Sinatra ", so Timbaland im Interview. Im weiteren Verlauf des Radiointerviews verriet Justin Timberlake außerdem, dass Drake auf seinem kommenden Album 20/20 The Experience 2 of 2 sein wird. " The Drake thing was a song that was sitting around, and I just heard him on it. Drake and I have been, you know, tryin' to get at each other about doing a record. I think we'll probably end up doing more as time goes by as well ", so JT . Bereits auf Jay Z s Album Magna Carta Holy Grail waren Nas , Timbaland und Justin Timberlake gemeinsam auf dem Song BBC vereint. Und auch auf Jay Z s Song Holy Grail war Justin Timberlake vertreten. Die Single erhielt vor einigen Tagen die Platinplakette .