Eminem präsentiert neue Battle-Liga: Total Slaughter

Eminem und Shady Records haben in Kooperation mit WatchLoud ein neues Battleformat aus dem Boden gestampft, nämlich Total Slaughter. Die erste Ausgabe steigt am 12. Juli in New Yorker Hammerstein Ballroom. Eminems Firma Shady Films co-produziert das Event.

Battlen werden unter anderem Murda Mook gegen Loaded Lux und Slaughterhouse-Member Joe Budden gegen Hollow Da Don. Außerdem sind acht weitere Rapper dabei: Arsenal, Aye Verb, Big T, Cortez, Daylyt, Dizaster, Math Hoffa und Marv Won.

Eminem äußerte sich dazu wie folgt:

"I'm a passionate battle fan, so this is something I've always thought about doing. I came up battling at the same time I was making records and learning my way around the studio. It's a little bit different in terms of the kinds of tools you need, but the competitiveness is the same. The times I didn't win gave me just as much light in the past as when I did. It's all about your performance."

Paul Rosenberg, Eminems Manager, verglich Total Slaughter sogar mit der UFC:

"What we look at this opportunity as, is a way to do for battle rapping what UFC did for MMA. That's really the model we're basing it on. It's this great thing that a lot of people love, but it's very splintered, and it's very niche, and it's not really brought into the right production levels that it can or should be."

Aktuell gäbe es aber keine Chance, dass auch Eminem in den Ring steige, wie Rosenberg weiter ausführt:

"I don't think at this point it would make any sense. They know eeeeverything about him. Everything. So, he's kind of an easy target. Plus, lets be honest, you gotta be in shape for this. This isn't something that you just go do on a whim. You gotta be in shape, your brain's gotta be ready for it, you gotta be in that mode. And Marshall hasn't done stuff like that for a really long time."

Hier kannst du dir einen Trailer angucken: