Cam'ron über neues Dipset-Album und Solange Knowles' Fight mit Jay Z


In einem Interview mit Tim Westwood sprach Cam'ron über den Fight von Beyonces Schwester Solange Knowles und Jay Z. Er würde Jay Zs Reaktion verstehen. Da er sich nicht gewehrt hat, machen sich alle drüber lustig, dass er nicht reagiert hat, auf der anderen Seite würden ihn jetzt aber alle einen Frauenschläger nennen, wenn er denn zurückgehauen hätte:

"You know what’s crazy? Probably about four or five months ago I was in an elevator with Solange. She was mad cool, man. She was stupid cool in the elevator, man…I wish we had audio. Son took off. She was really hype though. I’m not gon’ lie. I would be honest, man. To be totally honest and be straight up, it’s kind of a no-win situation. Because if he would’ve hit her back, he would’ve been a sucka for hitting her back. Like ‘Aww, he’s hitting women.’ And then, that he don’t hit her back, he’s a sucka for keep getting hit so many times."

Außerdem sprach er über ein Dipset-Reunion-Album mit Juelz Santana und Jim Jones. Die Chance ist da, man verstünde sich gut, bräuchte allerdings mehr Zeit miteinander:

"We want to do it…We want to do it just by everybody getting on the right page and the right schedule. Cause everybody’s cool. It ain’t like we got beef with each other. Everybody’s at each other’s house. Everybody’s speaking to each other. But I’m here. Jim’s there. Juelz is there. Then we get together for two to three days. Then we all got to leave again. You know? It’s gotta be one of those scenarios where we basically take three to five weeks off and sit in a room. Or go to Miami or New York or wherever we wanna be, but be with each other for a month straight, so we can knock it out."

Hier kannst du dir das ganze Interview anschauen:


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