Bizarre über neues D12-Album, seinen Drogenentzug und Eminem (Interview)


Im Interview mit Peter Czymbor von WXBR Radio sprach Bizarre unter anderem über seine Rap-Crew D12.

So bestätigte er beispielsweise alle Gerüchte um ein bevorstehendes D12-Album:

"Yeah, the group is still together. D12 is always gonna be attached to my name. I’m a founding member of D12. It’s not a game. It’s something that’s a life commitment. And we are definitely in the process of talking about a new album. Getting the guys all together. It’s coming soon. It’ll definitely be a new D12 album coming."

Auch über seinen guten Freund und D12-Mitglied Eminem verlor Bizarre ein paar Worte. Demnach habe ihn Eminem inspiriert, mit dem Drogenkonsum endgültig aufzuhören:

"That’s still the homeboy. I saw him in the studio a couple of weeks ago. Marshall is one-hundred percent sober. He really believes in it. Takes it very, very, very seriously. That’s why I made that reference in the song, ‘Marshall quit, why can’t I/In two weeks I’mma give it a try.’ I basically was saying he’s my motivation. To see where he was at with it and for him to make a change with his life and do something different it’s an inspiration towards me."


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