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Jetzt Non Phixion - Reunion Tour 2019 (Berlin, 12.09.2019 - 20:00) Ticket kaufen!


Die Grossmeister des "B-Boy Gangster Meets Futuristic World of Apocalypse" Styles kommen zurück ! Nach fast 10 Jahren treten die Jungs wieder auf ! Wir freuen uns auf diese Hardcore Rap Show. Einziges Konzert in Deutschland ! ILL BILL, GORETEX, SABAC RED und DJ ECLIPSE kommen nach Berlin. Alle Rap Fans haben nun einen Grund weiterzuleben. Diese Show wird episch, legendär und vorallem apokalyptisch !

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:: LIVE ::

Non Phixion ( USA )
Sabac Red
DJ Eclipse

:: WARM UP ::

DJ Danetic ( Snowgoons / D )

In late 1994, MC Serch (of 3rd Bass fame) took protégé Sabac Red and teamed up with DJ Eclipse and Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra / Heavy Metal Kings), thereby creating the group known as Non Phixion.[1] Within six months Goretex (Gore Elohim) ,a childhood friend of Ill Bill, from Glenwood Houses, had joined the crew after freestyling for MC Serch In Bills Starrett City apartment.[1][2] Six months later they had released their first single, "Legacy". It went on to sell over 25,000 copies worldwide, with little distribution establishing the group as an international touring force.[3]

MC Serch secured the group a deal by letting them choose what label they desired, which was with major label Geffen Records, due to their growing roster of like-minded artists such as Killah Priest, The Roots, and GZA. Russell Simmons, was also interested in the group after Serch brought them to his penthouse for a live meeting and performance, which due to scheduling never came to fruition. Serch kept releasing singles for the group through his own independent imprint Serchlite, and they continued to garner underground worldwide notoriety.[4] Eventually a series of mis-communications and incidents between the group, and Serch over the mysterious whereabouts of money led to Non Phixion being dropped by the label during a merger with MCA Records, by way of giant Seagrams.[4]

Following their attempt at a major label release, the members of Non Phixion spent their time performing live and around the world at such places as Roskilde Festival, and Hultsfred Festival opening for contemporaries such as Gang Starr, Slayer, Black Moon, Rage Against The Machine, Fat Joe, Beastie Boys, Portishead, Queens Of The Stone Age, Cypress Hill, Gza, The Beatnuts, Mos Def, The Roots and numerous others.[3] After 1998 saw the release of their "I Shot Reagan" 12" on Uncle Howie Records, Non Phixion secured a deal for a full-length with Matador Records, however, this never came to fruition. Eminem manager Paul Rosenberg showed interest in managing Non Phixion, but due to timing never came to fruition. Around 2000, Rick Rubin was attempting to bring Non Phixion to Warner Bros. and executive produce their record, but this too never materialized and ultimately their debut LP The Future Is Now was released on Ill Bill's own Uncle Howie Records on March 26, 2002.[3][5]The Future Is Now features the production of Hip Hop giants such as Pete Rock, Large Professor, DJ Premier, The Beatnuts, as well as Ill Bills brother Necro and Dave 1 from funk band Chromeo. A Heavy Metal remix for "The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me" was also included, produced by T-Ray. It features Christian Olde Wolbers, and Raymond Herrera from Fear Factory, and guitarist Stephen Carpenter from Deftones. The Future Is Now also contains a rare at the time, guest appearance from MF Doom. The cover artwork was created by Los Angeles artist Mear One, from California graffiti crew C.B.S.

After the release of their seminal album, Non Phixion's members put out their first round of solo material: Ill Bill released What's Wrong with Bill?, on March 2, 2004; this was followed by Sabac’s Sabacolypse: A Change Gon' Come on June 15, 2004 and Goretex’s The Art of Dying on September 7, 2004; all of their solo efforts were released on Necro's Psycho+Logical-Records. The following year, Ill Bill and Goretex released an album with Necro and Mr. Hyde as The Circle of Tyrants on September 13. At the time there was talk of another full length Non Phixion album, called The Nuclear Truth, with the same producers and ideas being extended from The Future Is Now.[6] Non Phixion went on temporary hiatus in 2006 before a second LP was started. Goretex (Now P.K.A as Gore Elohim) left to work on solo material and develop his new record label Supercoven.[1]

Sabac Red moved to Oakland and Ill Bill started a new group with a number of other emcees called La Coka Nostra. MC Serch did not appear on Non Phixions first album "The Future Is Now". All of Non Phixions work and solo material are highly regarded in the underground hip hop scene, as well as other genres. In January 2003, Non Phixion contributed a track to the film Biker Boyz, which starred Kid Rock, and Laurence Fishburne. A track was also used for exploitation film "Bully", but was pulled at the last minute due to subject matter.


Non Phixion Ill Bill Sabac Red DJ Danetic Goretex DJ Ecipse

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