Chinese couple mistook son for a girl for 13 years
AFP (Agence France-Presse) reported on March 15, 2004 that a Chinese couple reportedly raised their only child for 13 years in the belief the child was a girl, until a visit to the local hospital alerted them to the fact that he was really a boy. AFP quoted Chinese state media (Zhengzhou Evening News) reports that said the unidentified couple from the central city of Zhengzhou were fooled by their child's underdeveloped sexual organs. They dressed him in girl's clothes and taught him to go to female public toilets. They did not realize anything was wrong until they were baffled by a "reaction in the lower half of his body" whenever he watched pretty women on TV. The worried parents took their child to the hospital, where a physical check-up corrected their mistake about the child's sex. Doctors concluded that he was suffering from a rare disease causing sexual organs to be somewhat hidden from view, and the boy was subsequently treated in a three-hour-long, successful operation.

Unwashed for 10 years, smelly man got scrubbed
clean by sickened neighbors

Reuters news agency quoted a local media (Kenya Times) report on Saturday March 6, 2004 that a smelly Kenyan villager who had not bathed in 10 years was stripped and scrubbed clean by neighbors sickened by the stench. Four neighbors swooped on the 52-year-old man in rural western Kenya, tying him up with a rope before washing him in public. It took four hours to clean the man, whose body was also scoured with sand to remove a thick layer of filth. The man, a bachelor, promised to wash once a day and hopes to find a wife

Young Man Married His Own Grandmother
Reuters news agency reported on March 19, 2004 that a 25-year-old Indian man had married his 80-year-old grandmother because he wanted to take care of her. "I felt she needed extra care as she is old. I can look after her better as a husband than as a grandson," Narayan Biswas told Reuters. "As a husband, I am with her all the time, to care for her," said the high school graduate, who farms rice fields and also works as a tutor. The grandmother, her back bent with age, says she is "happy" with her young husband whom she married in a traditional Hindu ceremony near Panchpara, a village 100 miles west of Calcutta. Her first husband died more than 30 years ago. "I helped bring him up with my own hands and now he looks after me. He is a good husband and ensures I get my meals on time," said Premodas Biswas, a red vermilion streak on her forehead, the mark of a married Hindu woman. Local officials say marrying a blood relation is illegal under the Hindu Marriage Act, but they have no plans to take action against the couple. "There has been no complaint against them and they are living as husband and wife after a temple ceremony. Their own family has accepted them so we have no plans to act as of now," Dilip Das, a local government official, told Reuters.


und weiter?


danke dass ihr diesen threat so tatkräftig und geistreich unterstützt habt.
sowas passieret also ständig? bei dir um die ecke? wow, wo wohnst du?

Zitat von ChrisTalkin:
danke dass ihr diesen threat so tatkräftig und geistreich unterstützt habt.

was soll man da unterstützen?3 geschichten, die direkt aus der bild kommen könnten und die keinerlei zusammenhang haben.ausser das sie allesamt etwas abstrus sind.aber wir leben mit 6 milliarden anderen menschen hier.hier gibts alles.und noch mehr.

Zitat von -A.Z.R.A.E.L.-:
Was eine Erkenntnis!?!
Ich bin soo stolz auf dich...

und wer hat dich jetzt um nen dummen kommentar gebeten?


Da hat wieder jemand was dummes gemacht!

Häschen Häschen Häschen

was die leute hier denk ich sagen wollen ist das du auch ein kommentar dazu geben sollst weil sie sich ihre meinung sonst bilden müssen oder deine nicht kritisieren können :D

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