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YAAM Berlin
An der Schillingbrücke 3
10243 Berlin
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22 € zzgl. Geb.


Jetzt ROOTS MANUVA live - Exclusive Germany show ! (Berlin, 22.09.2017 - 20:00) Ticket kaufen!


JUICE Magazin, ASK HELMUT, hhv.de mag, BoomFM, ****** Magazin present:

ROOTS Manuva ( Big Dada / Ninja Tune )

22.09 YAAM Berlin
VVK: 22,00 zzgl. Geb.

Having sold out his last Berlin show RODNEY SMITH aka Roots Manuva returns in SEPTEMBER 2017 to the mighty YAAM Berlin!
Not only one of Britain’s greatest artists, but one of the greatest lyricists’ full stop, ROOTS MANUVA, will be returning to Europe on full tour duties from September onwards
With collaborations with everyone from Gorillaz the The Maccabees to Leftfield, Coldcut, Official Mr Scruff, METRONOMY, The Cinematic Orchestra and many more Rodney’s influence can be heard right across the musical landscape.
His latest release and sixth studio album BLEEDS released on Big Dada / Ninja Tune last year featured collaborations with Four Tet, Adrian Sherwood, Machinedrum, @SWITCH and more.

Roots Manuva is a performance power house, recently voted as the top ten British MC’s of all time by VICE / @NOISEY his back catalog speaks volumes. He knows exactly how to make an album from the first Brand New Second Hand to the MERCURY AWARD winning Run Come Save Me Roots his depth has kept him in the spot light from now to then.

http://rootsmanuva.co.uk/ [http://rootsmanuva.co.uk/&h=atmkedj1gwttczov1kq2chyyqyp-d-cyirfrqfr7tezcnfx2nubkbhj-z9vmer76sa2pghh_o8jkhihnhxr5vb_xqfi90hyvyaojtslkbjxuuevgsxeqi78nszgcweey9cgbqfbqmbqq5a&enc=azoapshgscj4pakqr9ec6lgegtcynx12kzoi1eqlwf_jc9c7gbly7myirlgkqm8wbhw&s=1_green]

www.3feethi.com [http://www.3feethi.com/&h=atpb7_ihggoksmaw2a9kftvrgda9wogs3tn7gggmczhspwnhf_q9yn5sygfswqpala_sjlnyyk_u9aj2tvainq-tihmkedwkfr7rtskq9vsk1kitla4qpzbr1ynbmhk-8m6yauhosrsy5q&enc=azmr-cyou0i-2hoxbcyduwd18gv***_jt2-axnshfagzdx_svmmdmcoznel-pyptx4e&s=1_white]


Rap Roots Manuva

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